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About Backwash Recycling Systems


Marscape are the major distributes and installers of Backwash Recyclers Australia's Swimming pool backwash recycling systems. An innovative system that has the approval for the use of the Smart Approved Watermark a scheme supported by the Australian Government water for the future-water smart Australia fund.


The specially designed backwash recycling system allows swimming pool owners with sand filtered systems to save thousands of litres of water from your swimming pool that is otherwise lost down the drain. The systems not only save thousands of litres of water but saves on chemicals as the returned water has already been treated.


Once the recycling system is installed and operational backwashing procedures can be performed when required without any loss of water.....FREE WATER.....


All recycling systems are simply installed as an attachment to your existing swimming pool filtration system or can be included when planning the construction of your new swimming pool.


For more information on these enviromently responsible and cost effective systems visit